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Planned re-release of FF5 on PSN
Yes, you are hearing right: Square Enix apparently wants to re-release Final Fantasy 5 as a downloadable title for PSP and PS3 on PSN (PlayStation Network)

Spieletipp Wrote:(translated from German into English)

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy 5 is to be released as a downloadable game for both PSP and PS3. While it is going to have film sequences, it is not going to be different from the original.

It is unknown as of when it is going to be released. It was released in 1992 for the SNES first and for the PSX and GBA later on.

Source (in German)

Sorry if your expectations got high as of that announcement, but there wasn't more to get out of it.

(If this is the wrong place to post something like that, I'd appreciate someone to move it into the appropiate place)

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