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FF7 Remake ?
[b][align=center]FF7 Remake?[/align][/b]

I know many people want a FF7 remake so what do you think?
Should there be one or are you just happy with the original.
Also on what console should it come out?

I think that there should be one in the style of Crisis Core on the PSP / (3)DS just cause that would make sense because VII CC was on the PSP.

If it would be like the original (With new graphics) I think most people would prefer it on a PS3 but personally I really like portable games.

To be honest, I don't think so. I want one but I think Square will just go on to make more games (Hopefully a FF6 remake). But that may be a dumb move because considering the majority of FF fans like either VII or X, that would be the bast one to remake.
I would really like a remake of FF7, with all the graphical capabilities of today's consoles it could easily become one of the most epic games (IMO, of course). Unfortunaly, chances are very slim, as they would have to work a lot on the graphics engine. Actors, landscrape, spells... these all'd need a major overhaul without making them look too differently than before.

Personally, I want one, but I don't see one to happen in the near future.

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