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The Global Rules!
[align=center][b]1. No SPAM or advertising.[/b]
Any SPAM or advertising will end up with an infraction of 2 points.
[b]2. No Flaming.[/b]
Flaming of other members is rude and will not be tolerated. Breaking this one will earn you 4 points.
[b]3. No swearing.[/b]
Certain uses of ass( ie.) Kick-ass) will be allowed, as long as not directed at someone. Breaking this one will earn you 3 points.
[b]4. No illegal material.[/b]
An illegal material/links to illegal material (porn, roms, ect.) will be treated as suck and you will receive a Perma-ban.
[b]5. No inappropriate threads/posts.[/b]
No sexual, racist, sexist, sexual, ect. posts/threads. Breaking this one will earn you 4 points.
Points can expire, and here are the banning point levels:
7 day ban: 10 points.
1 month ban: 20 points.
Perma-ban: 30 points.[/align]

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