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Gen II - Bugs/Glitches
Post your discoveries here! Wink

Known bugs/glitches;

• Celebi egg Glitch - Due to the massive amount of details on this glitch's affects and how to make it happen, it will not be described. Click here for a full explanation.

• Listening to the cry of any Pokémon (most commonly by viewing its Pokédex entry) may cause glitchy effects when the player uses the Coin Case, depending on which Pokémon's cry is heard.
•• Dratini's cry will cause the Coin Case to show different text until the game is switched off without saving.
•• Machop, Machoke, Machamp or Omanyte's cry will cause the game to enter the Glitch Dimension.

• Pokemon Stadium 2 - If there is a previously suspended game and the player is playing the Stadium Cup, suspending the game after a loss causes a warning message to pop up, telling the player that there is already a suspended game. If "Continue without Suspending" is selected, a rematch with the opponent who just defeated the player will be triggered, but no continue will be used.

• When the game's internal battery has run dry, or you are are using corrputing RAM for save data, a Trainer in the Trainer House will have their name displayed as only PKMN TRAINER and all of his Pokémon will have fainted before battle.

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