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Gen IV - Bugs/Glitches
A thread to post bugs and glitches you find Wink
As there are quite a few GTS Bugs, please do not post them here.
Known Bugs;

• Budew, Roselia and Roserade's Back Sprites face the wrong way in Pokémon Contests.

• Heavy rain, intense sunlight, a hailstorm and a sandstorm all occur on the battlefield when a Pokémon switching is knocked out with Pursuit during Hail or Sandstorm.

• Using a Pomeg Berry on a Pokémon with low HP may cause its HP to become a negative value.

• Walking into the Mystery Zone will cause the following glitches;

••In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, the menu cannot be opened, and the touchscreen menu cannot be used, however a registered key item can be used to refresh the graphics in the area at any time.

••When walking through mountainous terrain in the Mystery Zone, the player may become hidden by the terrain. The screen may also appear to zoom in as one enters the zone. Walking too far into the Mystery Zone may cause a game freeze.

••By using the Mystery Zone, the on-field weather conditions can be tricked into not loading or loading incorrectly.

••Occasionally, the game can be tricked into thinking that the player is somewhere else while in the Mystery Zone, such as displaying the Turnback Cave title and starting to display fog, while the floor remains black and the map displays that the player is on Route 221.
I've done the Mystery Zone "glitches" a couple of times using the Action replay. it's quite fun actually. :3

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